paintmesilly, paintedmesilly from July 19th 2007 –> May 5th 2008.
Thanks for reading. This blog was probably more for the writer than the reader. But that happens alot. Blogs for me are like seasons. I can’t write about summer when it’s freezing in the middle of winter. So i do have a new blog. it is http://www.staysmallwithme.wordpress.com Much Love
David Goode



“You came of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve.” said Aslan. “And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest begger, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth. Be content.”

– C.S Lewis in Prince Caspian

the ocean

Dear Dad,

I don’t have anything really specifically to say. As I sit to write these words, I don’t have a pad next to me with a whole lot of dot points, plotting out what I want to say. It’s just me with my mind, and my fingers typing what my mind figures out. I have wanted to write this for a while now, so I apologise to myself as well to you that this was not written earlier. I am sure though that you are not disappointed as it is not something that you are expecting. I am unsure of the length, or the content of what will be said. We will just see where the pen leads. Continue reading


*words scribbled on the back of an exercise book at the end of 2006, when i failed a subject at bible college* Continue reading

house of cards

All i wanted to do that night was to cut those red capsicums. It was so methodical. Three cuts along the seam of the capsicum, then one across the face. Cut cut cut cut in the bucket. Aaron gave me one of his sharp knives to cut them too. I was facing the edge of the kitchen, with my back facing the customers, my knife in hand, cut cut cut cut in the bucket. The speakers were facing my way too. The kitchen i work in is an open kitchen, so that means when we have music playing, it has to be really soft, otherwise the customers can hear it, and thats no good. i can’t remember what was playing, all i remember is thinking that it was good that i could hear the music. Cut cut cut cut in the bucket. Continue reading


‘Laughter is carbonated holiness’ – Anne Lamott


Words scroll across a wonderful screen, like this one, over and over again. These words scroll across in pieces of time that seem to be repeated over, like breathing air once already breathed, giving you that irreplaceable stale feeling against your skin on a nice hot day. I’m sure i was lying on this bed, with this same computer, typing like i am now just a few days ago.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? i wonder whether repeating scenes of our lives is a healthy or non-healthy thing. i know non-healthy isn’t a word, but i don’t care, lets use it anyway. Continue reading