everlasting scene

So I have come to this critical decision in my mind that no matter what is going on around me, whether there is a cyclone right outside my window or a dog peeing on my right foot, the scriptures need my time. The importance of time gives out more than we will ever know. I try to comprehend every now and again what our time really is worth, but I always end up resigned with hands thrown in the air. We can never know, so we may as well try to make the best of it now while we have it.

Cessile Roads, a stubborn agnostic once said this, ‘If God exists, then the most important thing in all the world is to find out his will, and do it’. Whether he exists or not is the greatest faith step we as people can take on our journey of life. This we can never prove nor disprove. Weird old men with long white beards live at universities and argue about these things everyday. When all is said and done and everyone goes to sleep, we can neither prove that he exists or prove that he doesn’t exist. This then means that it all comes back again to that one faith step. I think this is one of the greatest genius’ of God. If God sat up in the clouds and we could actually see him, and we could scientifically prove that he existed, everybody would be brian houston. Faith would almost be a non-issue if this was the case. Take faith away and you barely have a christianity do you? Faith plays such a crucial part, it plays the part of choice, to believe or not to believe.

So I guess this is the first question you face when you are presented with christianity. Its not simply a question that you answer yes or no to when you first understand the possibility of it all. You can be 20 years entreached in the culture of it all like me and still be asking that question.
Could it all be true? What if christianity really is how it all worked out? That the bible really has something to do with God and me and the relationship between the two of us.

Whether you’re a racist, a murderer, a buddhist monk or a muslim extremist, we all have one thing in common. We are all human. And in this familaritiy I invite you to explore the Jesus that you may or may not know. You wouldn’t want to come to the end of your life and realise that your stubborn mind prevented you from at least asking the tough questions of this whole thing.


2 responses to “everlasting scene

  1. Hey. I go to State with Davina. Yea…I write a lot. I have a lot to just get out sometimes. lol 🙂

  2. Very tru bro. Such a tough decision 2 make but really the most important of all. I’ve also come 2 the realisation lately that i really need to get into the word more than ever. Btw bro heard u were sick and woz prayin 4 u and hope ur all good now.

    Catch u 2moz prolly

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