wonderful world

I have about eight little thai orphans watching me write these words. Of course, they have no idea what they are, as their ability to even speak english doesn’t exist let alone read it. The one on my left is coughing far too much, enough to make me pray that I don’t get whatever it is he has. The one on my right is way too active for his own good, looking at five places at once, jumping, dancing and sitting all at the same time.

We all want to make a mark in life, something above the ordinary, something a little bit different. We want to be us, we want life to be a beautiful celebration of the simple existence of who we are. Who we are is founded on so many things. Our experiences. The people we live life with. The choices we make. Our childhoods, our families, our friends, our environments. All these things are bits and pieces that make us who we are.
Then there is christianity. Christianity has so much to say about all this stuff as well. About indentity, about definition, about who we are. It takes the very core of you and changes it all around.
So when you consider christianity you have another choice you’re faced with. You choose whether you want to let it define you, because you can’t have a christianity if you don’t give it the opportunity to change every single little part of you. If you think you have some kind of christianity where you are still relatively the same person as before you were a christian, then what you have isn’t christianity at all.
Christianity relates to every single part of our lives, and this is the only way it really works, one brutal swing at all we think we know about ourselves and about the world.

That’s why I guess you have to take this thing seriously, because a half hearted effort just doesn’t fit. Its kinda all or nothing. You can’t simply pick at pieces you like because it doesn’t really work like that. It’s a complete worldview, having an answer for pretty much everything.
So, want to consider with me?


One response to “wonderful world

  1. so true about the all or nothing bit. You make some really good points, i love it!

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