I could try my very best and summarise the whole bible story in a couple of paragraphs for you. You could understand the basic outline of how the whole thing works out. Who wins, who looses, what Jesus does, why he does it and how. But something about that idea I just don’t like. It just wouldn’t be fair. It wouldn’t be fair on anyones part. It wouldn’t be fair on God, if you just used some half-baked typed up little summary with pretty little pictures illustrating the ‘ten big steps’ of the christian story. It wouldn’t be fair on me, relying on something I have created, something like a smaller bible, for such a critical decision. And lastly it wouldn’t be fair on you. Could you possibly capture the beauty of the whole Lord of The Rings trilogy in just a few paragraphs? It’s the same principle.

It usually takes the average person between 3-9 months to read the whole bible, if you take a little bit in each day, depending on how fast you read. I’m not asking you to retreat up to a high mountain and fast for three weeks, meditating and praying. This is just a standard reading amount before you sleep or after you wake, or whenever you do your reading. Read it however you like. The bible is divided up into smaller books so it gives you some flexibility. They aren’t put into exact chronological order, so if you wanted to do that you could do some research and find what order they come in. For me, I like to read from the start of both testimonies, read matthew and Genesis at the same time, and move from there.

Take away everything. The church, commentaries, ideas, theology, saints, martyr’s, thoughts of friends and family, hurts and pains that you have harboured towards christianity and you are left with one thing. The bible. The rest is background noise. This is why im asking you to consider reading the whole thing, because really, it’s the only thing completely worthy of your time when you come to think about it all. It’s the only thing you can make a correct judgement about christianity on, because all of christianity is founded upon it. Try your hardest to forget christians that have hurt you, pre-conceived ideas of what you think of it already, and read with an open mind.


5 responses to “steer

  1. that annie girl

    Hey there,
    posts are happening again, which is fairly obvious to you but I’m just catching on. Your definitely writing for an audience atm or writing to convince yourself, maybe both. I like them. succinct yet packed. Clear and colorful even a little bit cheesy (you like cheese tho yeah) lol. lah di dah. i like your posts, and on the matter of this one: I think thats one thing I’ll never be mistaken upon… people who are more romantic are lovers of the OT, they see it as the whole story… NT fanatics, miss the romance, that whole renaissance of poetic beginnings.. the end can only ever be fully appreciated with reference to the beginning… and stick men with fig leaves does indeed not suffice. I wonder why you and consequently everyone else generally, speaks “both testimonies”, as if they are two different stories, evidences to support two different tales of history. It really is one- i think. Its just classified as so because of lapses in records. or you think there is more to it? I think the typical .. new covenant old covenant answer is too much like a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down, medicine go dowwwnwnn. Its one story. Two often taken without the once upon a time.

    good night.

  2. What you say is true. It’s only recently that I’ve gone back to the Word and it’s so pathetic of me to stay that far for so long. But You know…I wonder whether it is possible for someone to be so in love with God without the Bible. I’m sure there are circumstances where people do not have access to the Word…I wonder whether God could or have spoken to them directly? How awesome would that be

  3. davidforyou

    yeh well thats it… what if you are part of some tribe in the middle of the amazon in 400 a.d? what happens then?

  4. I have started “cover2cover” again just recently, im looking at doing it within a year. Its about 20 minutes set aside each day and i am loving the revelation, understanding and fulfillment im getting from it already(7 days in).. Although there are rewards, it takes the effort and discipline..two dirty words for todays society huh? But, having another person doing it with you is a wise option as i have chosen.
    I agree with you dave, we should all read it for ourselves before we throw it back on the shelf and forget about “christianity”.
    Good write up 😉

  5. I honestly don’t know sir. There is a verse that say you will be judged on what you know. But there is also a verse that says Jesus is THE one and only way. God is merciful but we have seen instances where He is not. I guess this is one of those things we gotta wait to ask Him face to face. I wanna tell you something really cool that a man prophesied over me today. holllaa

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