stationary stationary

i realise that i never really let any dedicated reader of this blog know how i am feeling and what i’m actually doing with my life. The last three blog posts were in a series of four. The fourth one is currently scribbled on a A4 pad which i bought from a 7/11 in the middle of bangkok for 32 cents. Its folded and creased and battered from travel abuse. its one of those pads that you don’t really care about, one of those pads that you use for scribbling down phone numbers and working out simple sums. im still yet to transcribe it to computer form, hence the lack of posting for the last week.

So i’ll take this opportunity to let everyone know what’s going on. I’m sure most of you know already considering i see you or talk to you in some way or another. I just started my 2nd year of uni last week, and to say the least, its getting rather busy. busy is probably the best describing word i can use for such a state. busy as it is, im still enjoying it, and am happy that i made my way into such a degree. you get a kind of peace when you feel you are somewhat on the right track, that you are working towards something greater, something that you will enjoy, something you can see yourself in. right now im having glimpses of a ‘me’ in five-ten years time and really, its not scaring or daunting me at all. I’m slowly getting more clarity of what i want to be ‘doing’ exactly. we are what we do, after all.

thailand seems to be going all well and rosy. I have sent off my application to Thammasat university and apparently according to be education abroad unit lady person i will get a personal offer in the mail soon. My faculty overseer, a kind man called robbie, has set up my subject choices so i can do a whole year of study there if i want to, and not just a semester. How very nice of him. that means i could be spending a whole year + a few months over there. who knows. the australian version of dave could soon start to evaporate

I’m not to sure about this though. Me living in thailand is still completely up in the air and I’m still far from convinced that it will work. I do like melbourne, although i don’t really identify myself as an Australian. surprised? mmm. maybe thats for another post.
So im twenty, living in the same piece of time as you, and am working towards a B.A in International Studies. fun fun. this year is a year of reading books and sharing stories. A year where i give out to people, i love my friends and i encourage my family. But most of all its a year of self-discovery, discovering who the character is deep down inside me.
Goodness. what a crazy thing life is.


2 responses to “stationary stationary

  1. you can’t go to thailand for a WHOLE year!! 😦 😦 6 months is long enough! 😦

  2. awesome!! I’ll be praying for that. I’m sure God will help you to make a good decision dave. 🙂

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