Words scroll across a wonderful screen, like this one, over and over again. These words scroll across in pieces of time that seem to be repeated over, like breathing air once already breathed, giving you that irreplaceable stale feeling against your skin on a nice hot day. I’m sure i was lying on this bed, with this same computer, typing like i am now just a few days ago.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? i wonder whether repeating scenes of our lives is a healthy or non-healthy thing. i know non-healthy isn’t a word, but i don’t care, lets use it anyway.

i think this whole repetitive thing can be cut in half. Lets cut it in half.

I hate repeating mistakes. I hate repeating bad habits. I hate repeating bad conversations, bad mindsets, bad everything. We know its bad because we feel bad afterwards, we feel somehow wrong, far from ourselves. Do you ever do something, or say something, and think to yourself straight afterwards “sheesh, I’m never doing THAT again”. Its all those things. Even little things, like eating too much or reading too little. procrastination. arrogance. stubbornness.

You don’t like repeating them? well, stop doing them.

The other half looks something like this. You have a ridiculously successful day at work, productive, self-controlled. You’ve kicked 10 goals and now you’re out for your evening stroll, burning off those calories from that caesar salad you had for lunch. Last week you did something stupid, you could have repeated that scene today, but you chose not to. Actually, you could have repeated that scene yesterday as well, but you chose not too. After the walk you’re going to meet up with some of your chum chum mates and have a drink. Then after that, your going to look over your notes for the next day, read that book that your eating away at, then sleep.

Winner! You’ve repeated this for three days straight now, and you couldn’t possibly feel anymore YOU. You are learning from the hard mistakes and living a life opposite to stuff that makes you feel bad. If one didn’t know what good was, all they would need to do would be to find out what all the bad things were, and do the opposite. Bad meaning the things that make you feel crap, those things that you have control over, those things that you can change. And you usually have more control over things than you think. how you feel, how you let things affect you. bla bla bla.

lets try and stop repeating the bad, and start repeating the good. it might take you five years to stop doing something that makes you feel crap. At least you’re trying. The day you give up is the day you loose yourself to it. Thats cause we are worth more than the crap we create.


6 responses to “porcelain

  1. andddd… available now in all good bookstores in the self help section =)

    nicely written dave – very motivational and life coachy

  2. mmm i agree with the comment above me. Haha “sheesh” thats such a dave word!! but good post 🙂

  3. I like it!

  4. non-healthy is a word in america. arent u jealous

  5. nope, just shows how silly americans are =]

  6. maaaaan i owe you a million pinches for every single time you diss America. So you better be ready when you come visit

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