‘Laughter is carbonated holiness’ – Anne Lamott


5 responses to “155

  1. chuckle chuckle.

  2. hey dave! believe it or not, i randomly came across ur page when i was googling for a planetshakers song.. and i saw the link paintmesilly and i thought i remembered it as your msn name before so i clicked on it and yay!
    haha i like reading your thoughts. you think a lot. *thumbs up*
    catch ya!
    luv elise

  3. russell peters is amazing! my indian friends used to make me watch him all the time and this clip is my favorite! haha i love the one about beating kids tooo

  4. hahahaaa too funny, have you seen his other stuff – i have his dvd somewhere at my house, we should totally watch it one day! Did you watch the titanic link i sent you? xox

  5. So true.

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