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paintmesilly, paintedmesilly from July 19th 2007 –> May 5th 2008.
Thanks for reading. This blog was probably more for the writer than the reader. But that happens alot. Blogs for me are like seasons. I can’t write about summer when it’s freezing in the middle of winter. So i do have a new blog. it is Much Love
David Goode


the ocean

Dear Dad,

I don’t have anything really specifically to say. As I sit to write these words, I don’t have a pad next to me with a whole lot of dot points, plotting out what I want to say. It’s just me with my mind, and my fingers typing what my mind figures out. I have wanted to write this for a while now, so I apologise to myself as well to you that this was not written earlier. I am sure though that you are not disappointed as it is not something that you are expecting. I am unsure of the length, or the content of what will be said. We will just see where the pen leads. Continue reading


*words scribbled on the back of an exercise book at the end of 2006, when i failed a subject at bible college* Continue reading


Words scroll across a wonderful screen, like this one, over and over again. These words scroll across in pieces of time that seem to be repeated over, like breathing air once already breathed, giving you that irreplaceable stale feeling against your skin on a nice hot day. I’m sure i was lying on this bed, with this same computer, typing like i am now just a few days ago.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? Is this repetitive yet? i wonder whether repeating scenes of our lives is a healthy or non-healthy thing. i know non-healthy isn’t a word, but i don’t care, lets use it anyway. Continue reading

stationary stationary

i realise that i never really let any dedicated reader of this blog know how i am feeling and what i’m actually doing with my life. The last three blog posts were in a series of four. The fourth one is currently scribbled on a A4 pad which i bought from a 7/11 in the middle of bangkok for 32 cents. Its folded and creased and battered from travel abuse. its one of those pads that you don’t really care about, one of those pads that you use for scribbling down phone numbers and working out simple sums. im still yet to transcribe it to computer form, hence the lack of posting for the last week. Continue reading


new year, new posts. paintmesilly starts it all again.

my glorious

if you haven’t yet noticed, i have taken something like a holiday from my writing. it was never intended, actually. It just happened like that. This is by far the longest break i have ever had, on this blog anyway.
I often have an urge or two to jot some words down on paper, but often lately the jots haven’t been able to find any contact with anything substantial. And the results? no writing.
Half of the problem is that i’m reading too much. Now thats a bit of an oxymoron isn’t it? Doesn’t reading inspire writing? Well i guess it does. But i think the more i read, the less capable i feel, and the less confident i feel in my own writing and words. There are some beautiful pieces of writing out there. Do you ever read something and just sigh and sigh and sigh because you couldn’t think of anything that could be more beautifully constructed? I have found myself doing that over and over lately. Sometimes i think i should just give up writing on this thing altogether. Ill just state quote after quote after quote. because no doubt, everything that i want to say and will want to say in the future, has got to be said by someone somewhere already. Right?

Don’t worry, i’ll write something soon. this isn’t really a post, just a blog explaining why im not.